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Functional nanostructures are the enabling basis for today’s and tomorrow’s nanotechnology. Our research group focuses on how to improve functional nanostructures in a wide array of applications, ranging from semiconductor nano-manufacturing to energy and clean water production. We combine research in polymer systems, block copolymer self-assembly, and inorganic materials growth inside polymers together with advanced characterizations technique such as TEM imaging, 3D characterization with TEM tomography, and X-ray scattering to understand and control the next generation of functional nanostructures.


December 2019

On November 28th, the group attended the Chemical Engineering retreat. Tamar and Ziv presented posters accompanied by  “flash-talks” about their posters. They both gave excellent talks, and Tamar won the 3rd place award for her poster. The retreat was fun and informative about the diverse research performed in the faculty.

November 2019

At the end of last month, a 3D Electron Tomography Workshop was organized by both microscopy centers in the Technion, together with Thermo-Fischer scientific. In this two-day workshop, various methods of imaging and 3D visualization were presented.

Prof. Edwin L. Thomas gave an interesting talk about using Slice and View (FIB/SEM) tomography as a tool for visualization of soft matter periodic systems.

Later on, Prof. Segal-Peretz presented about using STEM and EDS tomography for organic and inorganic nano structures.

The whole team was very excited to take presence in the workshop, and had a wonderful experience!

October 2019

We’d like to start by welcoming Shachar Keren to our group. Shachar is starting his M.Sc. degree studies in the department of Chemical Engineering. You can find out more about Shachar and other members of our group in the “People” section of our site.

In other news, Prof. Segal-Peretz gave an invited talk about “Controlling diffusion and growth in SIS processes – new approaches for porous and multi metal oxide nanostructure fabrication”, at the 1st sequential infiltration synthesis workshop in Milan, Italy as part of the directed self-assembly symposium.

Finally, Rotem’s new paper about growing multiple metal-oxides in block copolymer templates by a simple proccess using SIS was published in Small magazine. You can find the paper here.

September 2019

This month, Ziv Golany and Prof. Segal-Peretz participated in the Israel Vacuum Society Annual Conference in Haifa. Ziv gave a talk on “Dewetting of polymer film in solvent- non-solvent environment, a new approach for polymer particle patterning”.

Also, two of papers by our group members were published.

First, we would like to congratulate Dr. Olga Kleinerman and the Gazit group for their paper on “Cooperatively Catalyzed Henry Reaction through Directed Metal‐Chitosan Interactions“. Secondly, Dr. Barun K. Barick published an interesting paper on “Tin oxide nanostructure fabrication via sequential infiltration synthesis in block copolymer thin films“.

Good job and congratulations to both of them!


3D Electron Tomography Workshop

On October 30-31st, the Electron Microscopy centers and Thermo-Fischer Scientific will hold a two-day workshop on electron tomography, including hand-on demonstrations.








For more details: https://mtrmika.technion.ac.il/tetw2019/

Open Positions

We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or other related background M.Sc. and Ph.D. students that enjoy working in a team environment. We are also looking for a post-doctoral student to join our group for a fascinating project on controlling the formation and properties of hierarchical nanostructures.

For more details:

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Dr. Tamar Segal-Peretz is a Horev Fellow supported by the Taub Foundation